Over a period of time with new funds being offered regularly, the number of mutual funds available in the market is high and one needs to carefully select the funds because poor performance of even 1-2 funds can have a toll on the total portfolio returns.

Buy and hold strategy does not mean buying a fund and forgetting about it. Continuous monitoring, preferably once every 6 months, is important.

Don’t go for over-diversification by buying too many funds. Once you buy too many funds you will be practically having the entire market in your portfolio and the returns will be only equal to market returns. Your aim should be to beat market returns.

Today there are about 45 Asset Management Companies (AMCs) in the market. An initial investor, should concentrate on Top 10 or at the most top 15 AMCs for fund selection. Don’t buy too many schemes from one AMC or Fund House

Avoid New Fund offers (NFOs). Presently there are enough well established funds in each category with a past performance track record. Choose from these funds rather than going in for NFOs.